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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

If You Want More Than 40,000 Salary Per Month, These Courses

If You Want More Than 40,000 Salary Per 
Month, These Courses

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The digital economy is developing at very rapid pace and it has millions of people getting employment opportunities. Therefore, by joining these areas or by making some courses related to them, the younger generation can easily get a good package job.

If you are a young man who is looking for a high-paid job but you are not able to find a job, then that means you are trying a wrong place. The pace of traditional jobs in India is a little lower but the digital economy is growing at a very fast pace, which provides employment to millions of young people. Therefore, today's young people can easily earn higher salaries by joining the digital sector.

Although these new field jobs are skill based and therefore there are some short-term courses required for this.
Below, we have discussed 10 Short Term Courses that will help you to develop useful skills to get a respectable job in India's digital economy, along with a salary of more than 40000 rupees per month

1. Ethical Hacking Course

Actually hacking is a word that most people want to stay away from. But ethical hacking is interesting and fun for some people. If you are a cyber geek and you have a hacking skill then you can do this work and earn money  Ethical hackers are basically knowledgeable of keywords that work to keep people, companies even the government's confidential information safe through the Internet. There are several information technology institutes that provide certified security analysts in ethical hacking, certified forensic investigators, IT security and other courses including diploma in hacking. Even the IIT also has analytical hacking

Has expressed the possibility of an excellent professional career.

Eligibility: Bachelor degree in IT or Computer Science

Essential Qualification: Excellent Code Cracking Skills

Expected salary: 40000 to 40000

2. Search Engine Optimization Course

When it comes to the digital economy of India, SEO is one of the most important job profiles. Seo professionals work to increase website visibility in search engine results. Simply put, their main task is to rank your customer's website in Google rankings

To bring in the search result
By doing this course at the present time, you can directly join a company directly or work on projects directly from customers on freelance basis.

As far as the curriculum is concerned, there are several new institutions which offer professional degrees of SCO.

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree
Essential Ability: Basic Knowledge of Computer and Internet Expected Salary: Rs 20000 to Rs 40000

3. PPC course

Another job profile in the field of digital marketing is PPC i.e. Pay Per Click campaign. Although it is not as much connected to the main stream of education, they are also very demanding in the market. Their main task is to sell and generate traffic through paid advertising through Google Edward, Bing and Facebook for Business.  Almost every brand spends an important amount for online advertising. The PPC is definitely a job-oriented short-term course for some students who want results very quickly, which provides immediate results and a good salary package.
Eligibility: Graduation level studies

Essential Qualification: Creativity, Basic Computer Skill

Expected salary: 20000 to 40000

4. Graphic Designing Course

If you can visualize your thoughts and concepts and specializes in its excellent presentation, then you should do this course. Graphic designers basically work on hypnotizing cover pages or magazines, news papers, or all of the social media infographics. If any magazine looks at the first glance, then it is the main role of the graphic designer. So there is immense potential for work for a skilled graphic designer. Doing 3 to 4 months of graphic designing course, under which you can get mastery of basic software like Photoshop, Coral Draw and indizine, any creative company, logo designer,

Eligibility: Graduation level studies

Essential Qualification: Creativity, Basic Computer Skill

Expected salary: 20000 to 40000

5. Web Designing Course

India's emerging digital economy has provided many employment opportunities for young professionals. One of the main courses is web designing. Everyday, everybody wants to expand their range and reach the internet so everyone wants to make their own website. By short-term courses in web designing, you can get an attractive job by getting complete information about creating a new and professional website. Along with this, you can also do your own business and work on a freelance basis, as desired, get a good package as a web-designer.

Eligibility: Graduation level studies

Essential qualifications: Computer knowledge and logical power

Expected salary: 20000 to 50000

6. Vehicle Modulation Course

If you're a sage or a magician of sweet voice, then you'll earn a good quantity by doing a voice modulation course and on the strength of your voice. This course will offer you employment as a singer, theater creative person, or every type of Voices Over creative person. once doing this course you'll also get add advertising, film, radio or tv.

Eligibility: Graduate in Mass Comm / category 12th (twelfth Pass)

Essential Qualification: creative thinking, Mellow Sound

7. Animation Course

If you used to like cartoons in your childhood and are still interested in it, then this course will definitely be interesting for you and you will be able to do very well in it. One of the current demanded courses is animation course. After doing this course, you are advertising companies. Cartoon industry, cinema industry and other digital domains can easily earn a good amount by earning a job according to their merit. For this, complete information can be obtained by doing course only during your college study.

Eligibility: Graduation level studies

Essential Ability: Creativity, Basic Computer Knowledge

Expected Wake: More than Rs. 25000

8. Content Writing Course

Writing has always been considered as a profession of intellectuals. But for the past few decades a new revolution has come into the society and due to this revolution the style of writing has changed completely. Now writing is done according to the wishes and needs of the readers. We do not impose our views on them, but they have to understand their needs. So there is a lot of demand for AZAL Professional Content Writer. After doing this course, you can earn good by writing marketing targeted content, SCO related content, viral content or video script, and you can get a job in a good company according to your special merit. For this you need to have complete knowledge of language

Eligibility: Undergraduate / Graduate

Essential qualifications: Basic knowledge of language, creative mind

Expected salary: Rs 15000 to Rs 40000

There are many jobs available. It is necessary to develop your skills in the development. If you have the right technical qualifications and you know its true use then no one can stop you from getting a good job and earning the desired amount. Therefore, with self-confidence, by doing any of these courses, with the interest and merit, the job of a monthly job can be easily received at Rs 40000. What are we waiting for. Please do any kind of your mind and give your dreams a new flight and complete your needs.
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