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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Jobs Magician Country

Jobs Magician Country
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World economists have been praising Germany's policies for the emergence of financial crisis and keeping unemployment rates down. But what is the end of the Czech Republic, which puts unemployment in Europe lowest? 
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Photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels

Today is a common day like today in Malda Boleslav, in the north-east about 50 kilometers to the capital of Czech Republic, Prague. Everybody on the street seems to be coming around. Everyone is busy because of the Skoda Auto.

Skoda Auto, a Czech car manufacturer, joining the Volkswagen Group of Germany in 1991. This is definitely the largest contributor to the country and the largest contributor to GDP and exports.

If you want to know the reason for increasing jobs in the Czech Republic, then you can not ignore Skoda Auto's contributions. Bohdan Woinar, a member of Human Resource Management Board of Skoda Auto, points out that the number of employees in the company has increased 40 percent in the last eight years. "

At present, thirty five thousand people work in a logistics center located near Skoda Auto's three production centers - Mlada Boleslav, Kvassini and Vrchlabee and Mlada Boleslav, which also have many temporary employees.

Nationwide incident

Bohdan Woanar says that it is not that such a situation is only in Skoda Auto. They say that we currently have full employment in the whole country. It can understand that the number of jobs employed for the past several months has been less than the number of unemployed.

This thing may also be true for some other EU countries. But the Czech Republic has consistently kept the lowest unemployment rate since January 2016 in the 28-member EU block. This is also confirmed by the 'Hormone Unemployment Rate' (HUR) being pulled out of the entire EU data. According to the definition of HUR, the unemployed are those people, who are willing to work, they are available for work, they have tried to get work and yet they have not got any work.

Healthy Industrial Roots

Weinar believes that "The strongest reason for the strong labor market is the strong industrial foundations of the country and the good number of skilled workers.

Xavier Colato, a specialist in the Czech Republic in Focus Economics, also agrees with the words of the Weinar. In talks with Deutsche Welle, Colato said, "The reason for the good performance of the Czech manufacturing sector is the fast growing automobile industry,

Which has helped the Czech economy and also has the labor market. "The Czech economy has also helped foreign capital for which low wages are very attractive." The average hourly labor cost in the country in 2017 11.30 euros, which is much lower than the EU average of 26.80 euros. "

Low wage is not important for investors

Photo by from Pexels

It is not that the country has achieved this achievement due to the low wages. Wages are also low in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, and wages are increasing in the Czech Republic. Even then, the Czech manufacturing sector is the largest in the European Union because its contribution is the highest in the domestic economy.
Because of this, a third of the people in the country of 1.06 crore people get jobs. But with changing times, challenges are increasing and new strengths will be needed for the future. One study of OECD shows that due to automation, most jobs will go to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, because Slovakia also has more work in factories.

Companies like Skoda Auto have also started preparing for future with Robotation and Automation. Now it has to be seen whether check companies are ready for this new challenge and whether their education system can employ the right people at the right time. Some economists do not have much faith in the education system, but they also believe that due to automation, too much jobs will not go away.

Weinar, also involved in the Board of Industry of Czech Republic, says that companies of the rest of the country's sectors are always ready to work on new technology and trends. Like check IT security firm Avast and Domestic Crystal Glassmaking industry who worked on getting old and new work methods. Many such companies have played a very important role in promoting jobs in the country.

Czech Republic, EU, Job, Employment, Skoda, Auto, Europe lowest, unemployment rates

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